Dexcom G5 Approval by FDA

Has anyone had any updates on shipping dates on the G5? I emailed Dexcom the other day and was told that they’re now expecting early October instead of late September.

Looking forward to getting rid of my receiver so I’m a bit anxious to hear when they’re shipping so I can get my order in.

When we ordered, the day after the announcement, they told us early October. Haven’t heard anything since.

Although I do love to get and analyze data, the report I used most, and admittedly the one I printed just for the purposes of having something for the endo visit, was this graph (screen shot from Dexcom site) bc I found it most visually helpful. Clarity reports are even prettier. :sunflower:

was told early October.

I agree, @Lorraine. It took me awhile to read this style of report but I now look for the following items to see if my control over the days, in this case 7, has been poor, fair, good, better, or best. You likely have the same sensibilities but I wanted to help readers understand better what they’re looking at.

  • Is the average (red diamond) within the target range? If yes, good. If no, not so good and a good time slot to target effort.
  • Are any of the bottom edges of the blue rectangles, the 25th percentile, piercing the lower target threshold? If no, good. If yes, not so good and and a good time slot to target effort. It’s best to shoot for the 10th percentile to be within the green stripe.
  • Are the top edges of the blue rectangles exceeding the top target threshold? If no, good. If yes, an indication to target effort.

In other words, the best possible performance (and not realistically likely) would be a straight line with the averages somewhere around 85 mg/dl, very small rectangles, and short candlesticks above and below but everything contained within the green stripe. Ideal, but not real world. It helps to understand the image, however.

I never took statistics in school but I’ve learned a lot from diabetes.


Nice recap. :smiley:

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According to some folks the Dexcom FB group, shipments started yesterday for new orders & insurance claims. Cash & upgrade offers will start on Oct 1.

Hope that helps!

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That’s great to hear, I just checked the app store for Apple and the new G5 app is available now.


This is such a tease! The app looks great - but now I want to use it! :smirk:

My G5 has just shipped today. Should be getting it Monday…


Never mind. Sometimes one should wait for the coffee to kick in before posting. :open_mouth:

So exciting! Did you get an email to let you know it’s on the way?

Actually, Edgepark called me to let me know its shipping. I’m not eligible for a new receiver, but they said I can upgrade the receiver software on the Dexcom website if I so choose. I probably will end up using both the iPhone and the receiver for a while. Maybe only using the receiver at nighttime…

Nice! We ordered only the transmitter knowing we can upload the receiver online when we get it. Looking forward to hearing how you like it!

This is what I was told as well. I’m due for a transmitter replacement on Oct 7 but still in my first year on the Dexcom warranty, so at first glance I thought I wasn’t going to be able to upgrade for a couple of years. But the deal is that if you have a G4 receiver with Share, you don’t need to replace it with a G5; you’ll just get an authorization code from Dexcom to update the firmware over the web, and they’ll replace your current G4 transmitter with a G5 one as soon as it comes up for replacement at no additional cost. Looking forward to getting mine in a few weeks.

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Here is the link to upgrade your G4 w/ Share Receiver… Not sure you need an authorization code. But you do need to login with your Dexcom account.

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Same here. Edgepark called me as well. Love that they are on top of it!!!

Caution: the firmware upgrade is ONE-WAY, and your receiver will no longer be compatible with G4 transmitters (or so I was told by Dexcom). So you don’t want to do this until you’ve actually received your G5 transmitters.


Good to know, DrBB. Thank you!

Got my tracking notice on Friday, my new G5 arrives tomorrow. Really looking forward to having one less device in my pocket.