Dexcom G5 data import from iPhone

I think that you need to use the receiver to download to Diasend. If you only use the iPhone, you lose that capability. The Diasend website indicates that it is up to Dexcom to complete the final step for the Cloud data to sync with Diasend.

I have an endo appointment at the end of the month. I have a note on my calendar to begin using the receiver two weeks ahead of that appointment so that I can download that data for a complete two-week report.

Yes, you are right. Iā€™m using the receiver to upload to diasend. Xdrip on Android has the same issue. It would be great if xdrip could send data to diasend directly so users can see both pump and cgm data.

Good luck at your next endo appt!

Hi, wondering if there has been an update on this, I have the iphone 7+ and the G5 (in Canada) Diasend says connect app and it is connected but it is not showing from iphone to diasend. I am using a Mac

The G5 connects to Clarity. There is a Clarity app for the iPhone. You can also view it and print reports from your computer. The data transfers from the iPhone to Clarity via the cloud. You do not need to upload your data manually.

Flem07 Clarity is not in Canada yet!!