Dexcom G5 is giving me?

Well I have had my Dexcom system for less than a month and totally forgot that I cannot take Tylenol now it’s giving me three?'s so what do I do now do I just put another sensor on I have no idea looked on YouTube and see if I saw videos about it and no information can someone tell me what to do who has had this experience before thank you I would really appreciate it and happy holidays

I have used Dexcom for several years, but have not taken tylenol while using using it. You are correct that tylenol can cause problems with the dexcom sensor readings.

I suggest you just wait until the tylenol clears your system. Inserting a new sensor would have the same issues as the current one. Even if numbers come back and no more ???, you should check with BG meter more frequently to confirm when Dexcom is accurate again.

Thank you for your help I truly appreciate it

Tylenol has a half life of only 2-3 hours and should have a duration of about six hours. You should have hopefully restored normal sensor operation by now. Is it back working?

Hope it’s back up and working fine for you !. If numbers still seem off, after calibrations, you can try a ‘restart’ on the current sensor. To do this, you use Stop Sensor from the menu. Leave the current sensor in, and then do Start Sensor. You will then have to wait 2 hours with no data, and then be prompted to enter 2 BGs. This will make the device think you have a new sensor, and clear it’s memory of readings it took while you had tylenol in your system.

If it still doesn’t quite work, and you had used the sensor for less than 7 days, you could contact Dexcom support for a replacement. Not sure if they will send one, but it’s worth a try.

Yes everything was working back to normal in 3hr thank you for the info

Good info for long-time user of the Dexcom sensor and avoiding Tylenol. Your experience confirms that our efforts to avoid Tylenol are worth it.