Dexcom G5 USB block: does it have "UE" on the front of it?

and does it have a replaceable US 110v adapter on it? I’m trying to identify the USB power adapters. I have so many I cant count them all and I want to find the correct ones for our two G5 systems. Thx

My G4 USB block has UE on the front. On the back it reads” UE Switching Mode Adaptor…output: 5.0V
Input: 100-240V, ~50/60Hz, 0.2A MAX

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awesome! thx. then the one I found, IS the correct one. thank you so much. I’ll get out my handy label maker and affix “Dexcom” to it (and the other one when I find it).

Update: found my wife’s Dexcom cable (it was labelled), and found another “UE” marked block, so got that labelled along with her name so that we can keep better track of this stuff. Nothing spoils getting packed for a vacation when you can’t lay your hands on all the medical essentials.