Dexcom G5 vs Medtronic Enlite

Great review of both systems below…


This most simple comprehensive reporting done. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

Nice review. Well worth the effort to read. It’s the first time I’ve read this:

Both systems continue to underestimate glucose levels more often than overestimating…which is good for those trying their best to avoid hypoglycemia, but not ideal for those who are striving for the tightest control possible.

If true, this could be one of the reasons that my lab A1c is always higher than the estimated A1c in the Dexcom Clarity report.

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I have to say this under reporting of highs is true. I was fighting a post breakfast glucose rise (unrelated to carb consumption) for about a week. My DEX was showing a max peak of 8 (144) but my spidey senses were feeling around 10 (180) which was confirmed by a finger stick.

Anyways, this weird glucose rise is now magically gone, but now if I am going to do a correction when I am above 8, I usually do a finger stick to make sure I am giving enough insulin.

I too usually have a higher A1C than my CGM averages tell me but I also have a higher red blood cell count and I think perhaps my red blood cells hang around longer than average which causes the higher a1c numbers. For example my last A1C was 6.6 while my expected A1C from the CGM was 6.0.

All things considered, looks like Dexcom comes out on top! (No surprise there.)

As far as I’m concerned, accuracy is the most important feature; Dexcom’s MARD is significantly lower than Medtronic’s.