Dexcom G5 what is Voltage B?

Hi guys

Wondering in xDrip what “Voltage B” refers to exactly?

After battery replacement on my transmitter, I have a good “Voltage A” value, “Voltage B” is low, and Resistance is around 2500; very high I know.

I have removed, tweaked the terminals and reinstalled the batteries around 3 times now. Each time, voltage testing on the two small terminals on the back results in a good value of around 196mV. I even put a tiny dab of solder on the bottom terminal because I thought it wasn’t making a good connection…well it definitely is now. Still the same result, though.

Can anyone shed some light on “Voltage B”? Or do we have no info on it? Something to do with the positive terminal perhaps?

Hi Sugarkryptonite,

I have the same problem, did you find an answer somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!

No I didn’t. But the transmitters that have had batteries replaced will usually have higher resistance and still work. I ended up just buying a new transmitter.