Dexcom G6 airport scan

Hello All I see discussions about what we should do at the airport which I follow. Today though I totally forgot to remove my new/unused sensors from my bag for a manual check and they went through the bag scanner. Has anybody done this before? Wondering if sensors still worked. Going away for 2 weeks and wondering if I need to start making an alternative plan.

No problem, they will work just fine


Thanks CJ!

I use to fly regularly for work. Only once did the body scanner catch me wearing my dexcom. And it had no effect on it . I have had several CT Scans with no effect .
The only airport problem I have, is I wear crouch high support stocking for lymphedema, the body scanners show a density increase. The other issue was and is carrying insulin pens, I had a bag I could put 3 pens and ice packs into. Had a genius TSA agent say I could carry the ice packs on the plane. These people all have an ID-10-T degrees.
Don’t argue just ask to see their supervisor

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As @John70 pointed out, ask for a supervisor if needed. As long as the ice packs are firm or slushy you generally have no issues. I usually just point them back to their own TSA FAQ page…

After the years of dealing with TSA. I found it helpful to use ice packs that are solid and have a makers name on them. All so go out of your way to point out the frozen wonders to them.