Dexcom G6 and Siri

I am currently using an iPhone SE, software version 14.8.1. Prior to the most recent update for my phone I could ‘ask’ Siri “what’s my glucose”? Now…Siri will not give me my glucose number and says he can’t tell me on my iphone unless I have the Fitness App installed. Since I don’t have that app, what are my chances of fixing this problem by deleting the G6 app, and re-installing the app? Will I lose the readings from the current sensor? Suggestions appreciated.

You should be able to go to settings in your G6 app and click on Siri Shortcuts to see if your shortcut is still active. I do not think that you need the fitness app to have this work.

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Yeesh, I really like that shortcut. The upgrade is sitting there in my settings waiting to be installed but I’m going to hold off until I hear if this is a fixable glitch or not. Between that and Sugarmate no longer able to access my data stream it’s being a sucky time for T1s in Mac land.

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I get weary of the ‘upgrades’ for iPhone messing with other apps that might be important to me. I am also in no hurry to have the latest ‘upgrade’ which might make things worse.