DEXCOM G6 waste

G6 inserter kills me. It is indeed easy and painless, but I struggle every time I have to toss it in trash. It should be reuseable!!! Or we should be ale to send them back to be re loaded! I mean come ON


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The “problem”, as I understand it, is that after insertion, Dexcom’s current G6 applicator functions as a sharp’s container. Because it contains a needle which has come into contact with blood/body fluids, it can’t be recycled.

The best rational I have at the moment is to disassemble the used applicator and yank out the needle stuff and put that into my personal sharps container. The few metal parts of the applicator can also be separate and then recycled.

The rest of the applicator is all non-recyclable plastics where I live. But I can still drop this off at my county’s recycling center rigid plastics section. Probably not different than putting it in the trash, but the best approach I can come up with.

To dismantle the G6 applicator, use a screw driver or equivalent to pry or scrape off the 4 white plastic buttons on the underside of the applicator. Then pry the grey and white sections of applicator apart and separate the internals.

I found the short video below helpful. Maybe you will too. :wink:

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When Minimed first came out with the Mio sets I switched to those for awhile but hated throwing all of the plastic out. The little insertion pod was supposed to keep the needle safe after you inserted but they came off so easily I never felt comfortable just throwing them in the trash. I started using pliers to pull the needle out and I’d put that in the sharps container. Then I got annoyed by the waste and went back to the Silhouettes.