Dexcom g6 with Tslim x2

Anyone know how to restart the G6 after the initial 10 days using the Tslim X2. I read about putting the phone in the microwave trick, but wondering how to handle the pump. Anyone have experience with this?

We have not tried yet but you could switch the connection from the pump over to the receiver and then follow the restart directions for the receiver. When done, switch the connection back from the receiver to the pump.

I am sure there are other approaches probably easier.

Has anyone found out how to restart the G6 sensor with the Tandem t slim pump yet. I don’t have a receiver or a phone that allows the app.

That is unusual. Dexcom typically will not ship the G6 (in the USA) without the receiver. One exception of course is if you have the newer touchscreen Dexcom receiver which you were using for the G5. Reason being that is the G6 receiver once a software update is applied to it.

I fought it as they found out they legally can’t make you purchase a receiver if you have another form of a receiver, my t slim.

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Anyone do this with the X2 yet?
I got one of those ‘blocker’ bags to stop the signal, so I can do this on the go. But I haven’t tried it out for the reset. It definitely stopped the signal from getting to the receiver.

Hi Hammer: did u get any responses? I use an iphone with the x2 pump. I’ve seen posts about G6 restarts but nothing specific with the tandem pump.

Not yet. I don’t use dexcom on my phone. I only use Xdrip.
To be honest, the adhesive isn’t really good enough to last much past the 10 days anyways. So I am not super aggressive on this part, yet.