Dexcom glue leaving red dot marks

Does anybody know if the Dexcom has changed the glue on thier sensors sticky part ?? i have used the dexcom for about 5 years and now this last year or so, i have gotten some red-dots after pulling the sensor off. i leave my sensors on for an approx 2 weeks, but i have always done that..the red dots seem to clear up in approx 3-4 days, so "not really a problem", but would still like to know if anybody else has experienced this

I have found that the sticky glue has irritated my skin every time. It used to only start after approximately 7 days. Now, it happens about 2 hours after insertion. I am trying to find an adhesive that I can put down on my skin first and then the sensor but so far, no luck.
It is funny since I use the OmniPod Insulin pump system and do not have any issues. When I brought the rash issue up with Dexcom, they stated that it was a biologic issue and not their problem. They stated that no one else has issue with the glue. I find that hard to believe since TuDiabetes forum is full of people trying to find solutions to the rash that their sensor glue causes. They just don't want to spend another million dollars to go to the FDA for approval.

Did you talk with Dexcom Corp or just the local Dex rep?? because i have had other people say something about this problem starting lately..i cannot believe they would say "nobody has this problem"...i didnt search the forum, before i posted but will now and see what i can find, thanks

I have that problem. It started for me after a few sensors (the first couple didn't cause the problem). I don't think the glue changed, I think my body became sensitive to it. I put Skin-Tac down before putting a new sensor on. It creates a barrier to the glue so I don't react to it, and it makes the sensor stick better. I can get 10-14 days out before the glue comes off. Without the Skin-Tac, I had a hard time making seven days.

Iv always had a slight problem with Dexcom sensors and a slight reaction, One thing that does seem to help is making a circle of Skin Prep (NOT iv prep).. but leaving a donut hole for the sensor to go in. Still want to probably use alcohol swab or hibistat first but for some reason iv prep is like 2 in one shampoo (shampoo with conditioner).. It isnt quite as good as the separate components.. hence the skinprep.. Iv used skin tac but it seems to be a lot more runny/messy and gets where it shouldnt be (under the sensor area..

I spoke with the corporation when I called in to report a faulty sensor.

I have never had a problem with the glue.

But my recent batch is lasting a lot longer.

I used to have to secure it with outside tape after five or six days.

Now after 14 days, still good.

And I have been to the pool swimming a couple of times too.

Okay, thanks...but Dexcom should at least post something on thier FAQ about issues like this

Yes, I think they have made some minor improvements (nothing major as that would require revalidation through FDA). My most recent lot (exp. 11/2012) has seemed to hold up better as far as the adhesive is concerned. Very good accuracy (+/- 10) most of the time.