Dexcom Got Too Hot?

Before I went to bed last night, my Dexcom gave me an ERR1 message. So, I shut it down because I didn’t want to hear the beeping all night, and settled to recalibrate it in the morning. However, this morning I couldn’t get the receiver to turn back on. I held each button down (much longer than it normally takes) and nothing.

I called Dexcom Tech. Support, and they said to put a safety pin the the hole to the left of the label on the back. Again, nothing. I called about an hour before their office hours, and the girl said she would have to talk to a manager to authorize a new receiver for me.

The thing is, I’m on vacation right now at the beach, so I’m wondering if my Dexcom got too hot. I went down to the beach yesterday, and my receiver stayed on my beach chair while I was in the water. And while I was hanging out on my beach chair, my receiver was on top of my bag on my boogie board. The weather yesterday didn’t get to the receiver’s threshold (113 F), but I still wonder if it got fried. My iPod actually gave me a temperature message and shut down, so I wonder if it was hot enough to affect my Dexcom.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I’m hoping to hear back from Dexcom at any minute.

sounds fried. I do that sometimes with the insulin in my pump…gets too hot and does not work. Maybe they will send you a new transmitter.

Unfortunately, my system is out of warranty, so they can’t just send me a new one. I’m having to start all over and get a new kit, with a letter of medical necessity and everything. So I probably won’t get a new system for a week or two.

I think TEMP is the culprit

I couldn't get my receiver to restart one time. I put it on the charger for a while (don't remember how long), and then I was able to get it to start. I have been able to restart it without putting it on the charger since then. Good luck getting it started and enjoy your vacation.

Yeah, I don’t want to ask the obvious, but just in case, you did try plugging it in for a while right? I had a similar experience, but it coincided with my dexcom needing to be recharged. sounds like what happened to brad too.

I’m not sure how your insurance works, but since the kit is only warrantied for one year, you should be able to get a new one every year. (i had also lost the transmitter a month previous and had a loner transmitter i had to return, so i needed the new one)

I’m lucky and mine is fully covered, so i just ordered a new one as soon as the warranty expired and switched to it immediately. Obviously this might not be a cost effective option for everyone.

I left it plugged in the rest of the trip, but nothing. I got my new Dexcom today, with no issues from insurance or endo. My transmitter was out of warranty anyway, so it was probably for the better.

be carefull on the decom receiver.

I ended up putting a sealed chill pack behind my receiver unit to prevent it hanging on prior readings or choking at 164

in a warm environment - 70 degress plus outside and hot wood stove in winter.

As long as it is cool outsie and inside it does not hang. Using a chill pack I have had good 24/7 hour performance.

I have swapped out a second unit with exactly same problem and gone after Dexcom to fix and asked for third unit with no success. Also complaigned to the FDA. That was absolutely useless. WHo the hell they are protecting; I have no clue!

Just be sure receiver does not overheat. In my cases I never got any warning message or flag from receiver.,

Please write a complaint to FDA.