Dexcom insertion


I am 10 and yesterday i got my first insertion for the dexcom after using the libre. It didn’t hurt so much going in but now, whenever i inhale it hurts. I don’t know if is just in a bad place right now, or I’m just being a 10 year old girl.

I need help! :confused:

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It could be placed in a tender spot or hitting a nerve. Is it possible that you hit a vein and there could be some bruising under the sensor? If it keeps hurting tomorrow I would either call Dexcom or take it out.

Where did you put the Dexcom? Arm, stomach, someplace else?
Which model Dexcom are you using. Is the the G5?

No - it is not normal for the Dexcom to be hurting the day after it is inserted.

I agree with Firenza but rather than waiting for another day, would suggest to call Dexcom Technical Support now. They always have people on the phone ready to help no matter the day or time. You don’t even have to have a real problem to call them. For just a question even you can call them.

Dexcom Technical Support:


Welcome to TUD, @Grace15!

Adding to what @Tim and @Firenza said, I generally find when I get a bad place like that, it doesn’t get better. Best to take it out and find a better spot, but also call Dexcom, because they’re pretty good about sending you a replacement sensor when this sort of thing happens. Good luck, and thanks for coming here!

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Hi Gracie! (sorry you have to deal with this at your tender age)

Remember that dexcom will replace a sensor for free, for a long list of reasons.

  1. it hurts
  2. it fell off before 7 days (for G5)
  3. problem installing it rendering it useless
  4. major inaccuracies
  5. and I can’t think of the other reasons at the moment. LOL!!

oh yeah, if you are forced to remove it for a medical test, etc

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Hi @Tim35 - thanks for replying :smile:

I currently have the dexcom g5 on my stomach. The guy that comes over said that we should put it there (I live in Austria and I’m not so good at german so we didn’t get the best training :confused:). I will call dexcom and see if that helps in any way.


Thank you all so much for telling me to call Dexcom! They were very helpful and they said they are sending a replacement sensor right to our door. I am going to change it now.
Thanks so much for the advice! :heart_eyes:


That’s the standard, recommended location, but a lot of us use other spots, particularly the back of the upper arm. Tends to give as good or better accuracy, and not as many nerves there to cause pain. There are a number of videos showing how to do it.