Dexcom Low Alarm

I will have to call Dexcom because her low alarm is not beeping. Last night 3 a.m. finger-stick 112, Dexcom 109 flat. Her low alarm is set to 80. This morning, fingerstick 44, Dexcom 79 with a down arrow. Not only did the low alarm not beep, and I have noticed it before with the highs, I am turned off by Dex’s TWO SHORT BEEPS, and they are not all that loud either, followed by a half hour of silence, whereupon Dex will then elicit TWO SHORT BEEPS again. Not even an option for a continuous or, in the case of a low, 15 minute alert. Dangerous and stupid, considering it should be very easy for Dex to customize their alarms. I can see using Dex cgms, even when it tracks correctly, does not allow the parent or caretaker uninterrupted sleep at night and you still will have to set your alarms every few hours to check. I can only hope the one down arrow is a clue and she was not in the 50s and lower from 3:30 am until 8. The graph shows a stable line, though, so not sure about that either.

P.S. This has turned out to be a Receiver problem. Dexcom is sending me a new Receiver. Whew! The low alarm should beep every five minutes untl cleared. Ours doesn’t.