Dexcom - Medicare - 90-day - Suppliers?

Has anyone on Medicare, been asked this question when requesting/confirming refills of their Dexcom?:

“5. In the last 30 days have you been or plan to be in the Hospital, Nursing Home, Rehab Facility OR received home care services? [¶] **** Medicare will not cover the cost of your CGM supplies while you’re in the Hospital, Nursing Home, Rehab Facility OR receiving home care services ****”

US HealthLink uses this, at least in part, to say that can’t process 90-day refills, but i think others do get them from other suppliers. I’m thinking of switching suppliers.

And from what I’ve heard, people have to fight to keep/use their sensors in the hospital anyway. I’m having some abdominal surgery at the end of March and once I’m off paraenteral nutrition I’d like to keep monitoring with my G6

This is typical of Medicare questions and requirements.

That is interesting. That is true for test strips…In 2011, the Office of the Inspector General “released” a 41 page document on “Inappropriate and Questionable Medicare Billing for Diabetic Test Strips.” One of the findings was that Medicare inappropriately allowed $3.5 million in 2011 for diabetic test strips for patients who were in the hospital. There were 25,589 claims, of that number 20% were for patients who obtained test strips the day before they were released (heaven forbid if a family member wants to be sure they have everything ready when they bring their loved one home and not have to stop at the pharmacy of go out later to get something).

The other really scandalous one in that study was that Medicare paid out claims for patients who were on insulin but a code for diabetes was not submitted (with the test strip prescription claim)…Again, oh the horrors…

oh good grief, I have been hospitalized for surgeries several times since I’ve been on a CGM. No problem!

@Dave44 - do you use Dexcom and if so who is your supplier?

(My former Libre supply company never asked me about hospitalizations she it started shipping me 90-day orders)

direct from Dexcom. We get an email every month. we answer the questions and they send out our stuff in a day or so. All automated.