Dexcom/Medicare ordering “issues”

I would point that out to them too. Just because you don’t need to calibrate doesn’t mean that you will never fingerstick again. There are times when you have to fall back on that and it needs to be available.

I’m saving that info. Thanks!

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It does occasionally change but some of it is on CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) website. Getting the emails is a process that is a little harder to explain without physically showing someone how. I was able to confirm all the emails through finding formal letters on line that listed the emails in them. (Such as an organization {like the ADA or AMA, type of organization} writing a formal letter to request or protest something).

P.S. I was going to post the link to the CMS webpage but it wouldn’t let me. You should be able to find it by “googling” “Contacts For Durable Medical Equipment Medicare … - CMS”. That should take you to the webpage that lists the information I have given. It doesn’t list the emails. I dig those up through other methods but it gives you the names, jurisdictions, and mail addresses. (In case things change in the future.)

I can confirm that US Med ships Medicare patients a 90 day supply of G6 sensors and a transmitter. They bill Medicare on a monthly basis.

Now to figure out when to switch, so I don’t mess up the timing on my transmitter reorder

I don’t think the Dexcom ordering issues are limited to Medicare recipients. I was thrilled when my daughter’s insurance moved CGM back to DME this year. Pharmacy copays were too expensive. My daughter contacted Dexcom sales the 2nd week in January to order G6. Customer reps seem to use a random excuse generator because each call results in a different explanation for the holdup. The supervisor assured her the shipment was going out last Monday. No confirmation & no shipment on Thursday, so she called again. The latest excuse…her order is “stuck in the system” & they’re working on it. Unfortunately, Dexcom is the only in-network supplier. Their Facebook page is filled with frustrated comments with similar stories.

Just for the record, I wrote the original post over a week ago. It is now March 1, and I still have not received my February order. :angry:

Hi, would you have any idea what the Medicare Part B copay for Dexcom sensors? Thanks

My Medicare part B has been covering 80% and my part B supplement has been picking up the 20% copay

I was wondering what the actual amount of the 20% copay was in dollars/cents. I guess you would have to look up a claim on your supplement plan to see the actual amount

Sorry, I can’t answer that at this moment as I have just been upgraded to the Dexcom G6 and have received the new receiver and sensors but have not yet received the billing from Medicare.

I’ve been on the G6 for a year with a Tandem pump. Working well. I put theG6 in my arm.

I’d love to know what the copay is when you get your first bill if you can remember.

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