Dexcom meter/test strip brand?

I currently have a minimed 630G pump that requires Contour Next test strips and a Dexcom system is in the pipeline. I understand Dexcom requires a different brand test strip.

Will I require two different meters and strips?

Can the BS reading from my Contour meter be manually entered into the Dexcom?

Thanks, Russ

Not true. A Contour Next One meter comes with the Dexcom which of course uses the same strips. You can calibrate by manually entering any meter reading into your Dexcom. Or you could just make one up out of thin air and enter it. LOL just kidding

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Thanks Dave. That makes sense, Minimed is a major brand and comparability is reasonable, however unexpected.

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Dave44 is right. You can calibrate a Dexcom CGM with any brand of meter or test strip. It doesn’t know the difference.

True. I have used alternatively, the Dexcom supplied meter, my old One Touch and one of Walmart’s best. Could determine NO difference and you just enter the reading, good to go!