Dexcom on ANDROID!


@displayname, I have a Moto Z Force Droid which is not on Dexcom’s list. I use Nightscout. My daughter uses Xdrip+ & I can follow using Nightwatch. It’s working great for us.


I use xdrip+ as well. It doesn’t upload to Dexcom (for me anyways,) and that is my only complaint.


Me, too, I use xdrip+ with a Sony Smartwatch 3 and nightscout.


Can you use xdrip+ at the same time as the integrated receiver in the tslim X2?


Yes you can. I was using xdrip at the same time as my X2.
You can have one integrated and one phone at the same time.


OK. I know someone (maybe you) told me you could have one integrated and one phone at the same time, but I didn’t know if it mattered that xdrip wasn’t the official app.


It does matter on the phone side.
I did try and have both Dexcom and xdrip running on my phone. They ran, but the service was very bad. I could turn either off, and it worked great.