Dexcom Open-Choice Updgrade

I thought I would share this with all of you who use the Dexcom, prior to the open-choice one that came out this year. You know, those of us who still have to connect the Dex to our One Touch Ultra. Here is the response I received this morning as to when mine will be updated. According to this schedule, mine won’t be updated until Oct. 13. Ugh!:

Dear Sales Team,

As promised, here is the OpenChoice Update schedule. Support Services can handle up to 350 update requests from customers per week. We will contact and invite customers to participate according to the month they had purchased their system(s), at a rate of 350 units per week.

We will notify our first group of customers on August 25th, and will contact new groups every Monday until October 27th, 2008. Most customers will be invited to participate via email. If an email address is not on file, we will mail those customers a letter.

Below is a detailed schedule of the update process. You will notice that each round is dependent on the month the customer purchased his or her system.

A few of the months had so many systems purchased that we will need two rounds to complete the updates. For example, if your customers purchased in July, tell them to expect to be contacted by DexCom between August 25th and September 6th.

Group Invited to Update System(s)
Week Month Customer Purchased System
Round 1 August 25th June 2007, July 2007
Round 2 Sept 2nd July 2007, August 2007
Round 3 Sept 8th August 2007
Round 4 Sept 15th Sept 2007
Round 5 Sept 22nd Sept 2007, Oct 2007
Round 6 Sept 29th Oct 2007, Nov 2007
Round 7 Oct 6th Nov 2007, Dec 2007
Round 8 Oct 13th Dec 2007, Jan 2008
Round 9 Oct 20th Jan 2008, Feb 2008
Round 10 Oct 27th Feb 2008