Dexcom overpatches from Dexcom website

Dexcom is offering overpatches free of charge now via their website. Previously I had to request them from TCS.


Thanks, @Paytone for sharing the information! I use Tegaderm under my Dexcom and it has worked very well for me. I always attributed my needing something additional to having stretch marks on my belly (where I place the Dexcom) and for some reason (I have a few thoughts on the matter) this application has worked like a charm, for me … but not for others due mainly to allergies.

When I read your post I wondered about these overpatches and how they look and work. Then I asked myself, and now the forum - rhetorically or not, if they can make an overpatch that keeps the Dexcom on and it works, why not use that process to begin with? Why do we have to use something else (Tegaderm, Opsite, SkinTac, overpatches,…) to aid in adhesion?

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Pure conjecture on my part, but that may be something they’re considering - as a permanent solution or modification of the current sensor design. Having said that, I imagine there is a population of users happy with the current design because it either works as is, or they have allergies or other issues with additional ‘tape’.

But at a minimum, if they are giving them away for free, why not include them with the sensors? They are very effective for me and it’s a hassle getting them separately either from Dexcom or third parties.

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It is nice that it is easier to get them now though!
They do work, but I often forget to use them.
I have to use skintac before applying the sensor to get them to stay put for long enough. With skintac, I make 14 days fairly consistently.

My guess is that between what Dexcom currently has in stock for sensors plus those that do not adhere well that are already with customers, there are several million sensors that first need to be consumed before a new batch with better adhesive actually will land at a customer’s doorstep.

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The patches did not help me at all, they came off as bad as the sensor adhesive did. Part of the issue might have been I put the Dexcom on my arm and the overpatch was pretty big.

I use Skin Tac now and that works great. But I might try to cut one down on the sides to see if the overpatch works again. I had used a few of the Grif Grips to cover the sensor adhesive because it starts to get cruddy looking by day 20 and by the fourth Grif Grip I decided to be allergic to their adhesive.