Dexcom Patches for G5

Has anyone ever purchased a Dexcom patch for a G5? I purchased some from two different merchants and the cutouts on both were not large enough. Just curious if anyone has had any luck finding one that fits over a G5.

Hi Trish87,

I usually buy GrifGrips or Lexi brand on Amazon. The GrifGrips come in a ton of colors/styles, and usually have enough stretch that I can comfortably get them around the G5. The Lexi brand on Amazon, when available, fit perfectly and don’t seem to be KT tape like the GrifGrips.

Have you heard about PumpPeelz? They just launched some Dexcom patches, we tried them last good and worked great.

Everyone seems to love GripGrips. I got samples of two and agree that the cutouts were not large enough. Since they are somewhat stretchy, I assume people get them to work. Because I use arms sites, I just couldn’t get GrifGrips to work one handed. Also I personally don’t want bright colors and designs on my arm although others love that about GrifGrips.

I use Dex Tape and have found these to be the easiest to put on one handed because there is a firm backing that holds it in place. The cutout for the transmitter is large enough. I use SkinTac and that holds my sensor on for 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. When the edges pull up a lot, I add the Dex Tape. I do not think that Dex Tape would last 3 weeks by itself although there is the option to use a small Dex Tape initially and then when it starts to pull up, put a large Dex Tape over it. Otherwise IMO the small Dex Tape is plenty big. Dex Tape is similar to Opsite Flexifix and other clear bandage products.

I also use 4" Opsite Flexifix and cut out the transmitter opening myself. That is more economical than using Dex Tape.

Ditto. Agreed.

Opsite Flexifix (4") works well for us for the small number of times when the sticky is peeling but the sensor is still reporting good numbers. One roll (almost 11 yards) lasts a really long time.

Usually for us, the sticky outlasts the “good numbers” from the sensor. About 1-1/2 weeks sometimes up to two weeks.

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Thanks for your response. I purchased some from GrifGrips but didn’t feel the cutout was large enough. They are stretchy but I didn’t think they were stretchy enough. I am currently wearing my G5 on my arm and do find it a little awkward to put on the patches so maybe I just need to try again. Thanks!

I have heard of them but haven’t tried them out. Do you feel the cutout is large enough?

I have a G5 and have not noticed any problem with the size of cut out for the G5 with the Grif Grips. The cut out seems to fit just fine. Though they are a bit challenging to get on when I have the G5 on my arm. I do love the fact that I they offer many choices of colors. Sometimes I feel like a Red Tulip and some times I want it to blend in.

Trish87 - I sometimes (especially in the summer when I sweat a lot) put the grifgrip on the sensor before I insert the transmitter. When I do that, I find that I need to reapply Skintac after 7-10 days to the areas that have peeled up. I have not tried to apply one to may arm by myself, so I am unable to help you there, sorry.

I use FixiC from Amazon. They fit my G5 Dexcom perfectly and stay in place during showers!