Dexcom phone app Medicare


Funny thing is, I need the LOUDER alarms I can set on my phone - the receiver wakes my wife, but rarely wakes me…


My S7’s vibration isn’t even 1/4 as strong as the vibrations in the G5 receiver, Thas. And I sure am not going to have my S7 attached at my waistband during the day, or while in bed.


Oh, I agree – though I have the G4 – that’s why I use both: phone and receiver. Each provided a piece of the pie (though my S8+'s vibration is pretty strong…)


i think the frequency of the S7’s vibration is far too high and of too low of an amplitude to be very noticeable. The G5 vibration is of a totally different, and more noticeable nature (lower frequency, for sure, and quite a bit more amplitude)


I use the buzz. Light wakes us…mostly my forever guy. He gets me to take action.


The restriction is because of the FDA, which apparently approves based on hardware, and hasn’t a clue that they should be looking at software. The question of whether this app runs on my current OS is not one they consider.


Of course, neither is the receiver. My last one was at least as prone to BT dropouts as the phone app.

T’other thing that’s so wrong-headed about this rule (and yes, I get the thing about durable medical goods, but even so…) is that it rules out the Dexcom Share feature, which you’d think would be one of the most valuable features for caregivers of elderly persons.


Why are you trying to apply common sense and logic, DrBB? You will only confuse the issue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t kid yourself it isn’t free. Think of all those Medicare Tax payments you made over your 30+ year working life.


think if I didn’t pay for the AARP insurance. :slight_smile: then I wouldn’t say I’m getting this stuff for “free”, as I would be saddled with a co-pay. I could be wrong, but I think that would be 20% of the Medicare contracted price.

Look at it this way: if I didn’t get a G5, I would miss out on the “free” aspect of having it and all it’s ongoing supplies. And I would still have paid the same amount in premiums for my insurance and Medicare coverage. So there.


I think of things in that category as:

“At No Additional Charge”



medicare doesnt cover the phone app. you’ll only be able to use the receiver that it comes with.


I’m now on my second month with the G5 and it’s touch screen receiver, and, you know, it’s pretty convenient really. Also have to say it has been relatively accurate, most of the time. Only one or two surprises in that time. :swimming_man::running_man::guitar::sailboat: Happy camper!


A phrase I’ll try to remember. Very true