Dexcom phone app Medicare


Ahh, to late.


I am 65 and have had diabetes 60 years. Not trying to make this a contest but wanted to clarify my level of experience. I too have lived through all the treatment changes that have been recommended over the years and also prefer having as much control as possible by being a little obsessive about knowing my bg.
Having said that, I can understand Medicare’s reluctance to allow use of the Phones and watches as they are not DME’s, but that does not explain why I can’t use my integrated T-slim X2, which is an FDA approved DME! Or, why I have to settle for the initial Dexcom receiver instead of the upgraded touch-screen.
I consider it all discrimination against Medicare recipients. I have discussed all of this with Massachusetts Senator Warren’s office and she has questioned
CMS and they have supposedly agreed to give this further investigation and further discussion with Dexcom and Tandem, so we’ll see if this goes anywhere. Senator Warren has assigned someone in her office to continue to follow up on the “investigation”. The contact has reached out to me several times and confirmed that she is still working on the issue. I will post if I hear anything.


I heard this great news today Mila from Senator Warren. I spoke with Dexcom and they said “announcements will be made soon”. They would not provide dates, but things are moving forward .


Medicare announced just a few days ago that it is actively in the process of changing their policy regarding the use of smartphones and possibly other devices.

I haven’t read direct mention of the Tandem pump that’s capable of displaying Dexcom blood glucose info. I think this is all resolving soon.


Medicare is NOW allowing the use of smartphones. I spoke with Dexcom on Friday. here is an excerpt from a Dexcom page:

With nearly half of adults ages 65 and up using smartphones, Medicare diabetes patients are now able to use the Dexcom Share feature that allows users to share glucose information with up to five loved ones or caregivers.

Current and eligible Medicare patients can download the Dexcom G5 Mobile app to compatible iOS and Android devices via iTunes and Google Play, and login into their Dexcom account. Dexcom G5 is compatible with the iPhone X, 8, 7 and 6, in addition to 14 of the top 30 Android phones. It’s also compatible with the Apple Watch and Android Wear Watches. A current list of compatible devices can be found at


While it looks like Medicare will allow smartphones to be used “in conjunction with” the Dexcom receiver, the most conservative path to take for now is to wait for the Durable Medical Equipment Medical Administrative Contractors to issue a revised policy. According to Medicare, this policy change will not be effective until then. See the announcement from posted above for the wording. It’s in the last sentence.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the timeline for this change. I’ve read several accounts of users contacting different departments within Dexcom (customer service, Medicare department, technical help) and getting different answers. Dexcom is not the authoritative source to answer this question.

I can’t imagine Medicare penalizing someone in the current state of confusion and change, but I think waiting a little longer to download and start using the smartphone app is likely the most conservative action at this time.

Medicare made its initial decision to cover the Dexcom G5 system on the basis of the Dexcom G5 receiver being deemed as “durable medical equipment.” Will this new policy allow the G5 receiver to simply be left out of the equation? I don’t think so, but I don’t know and neither does anyone else. Medicare needs to clarify and it will, soon.


If I go down, then so does Dexcom. LOL! Seriously I no longer worry about this issue of a ban on smartphone usage.