Dexcom Push Notifications Disabling Morning Alarms

I rely on my phone for all my wake up alarms, from the native iPhone alarm clock app, in the morning. I had noticed a huge increase in the frequency of my morning alarms not sounding ever since I started using dexcom (I have the G5 mobile app). I thought at first this was a general iPhone issue, but learned quickly that push notifications can trigger alarms to be silenced.

Any who, I do not always hear the dexcom notifications and so I’ve had multiple times where my alarms do not sound, making me late for work. Note- the alarms still go, as in they still show up on my screen, just don’t sound. So, I’m like 95% certain it’s the dexcom notifications that aren’t cleared that are the issue.

Is anyone else having this issue and if so, is there anything to do? Since it’s a matter of not hearing the alarms, it’s not like I can just be better at clearing the notifications or something. It’s also frustrating since I have alarms for bolusing (day and night) so it’s not like I can just buy an alarm clock and carry it in my purse everywhere.

I use the G5 mobile app and also use my iPhone as my alarm clock. My alarm (the clock) always goes off. I do not have alarms set on my Dexcom to bolus but do you need bolus alarms at night while you are sleeping?

Were you ever able to determine what was causing the problem with your morning alarms? I am having the same problem with my iPhone.