Dexcom Question From A Former former Minimed User

I just made the jump from the Minimed 722 with CGMS to Omnipod. I am a huge fan of the new pump (so much better without the tubing), but for all its faults, I miss the CGMS that came with my old Minimed. I am looking into the Dexcom G4, but am concerned as to the fact that the user guide online says abdomen only for placement. My abdomen is pretty scarred up after roughly eight years of sensor and insulin line placement. Has anyone had any luck with placement in places other than the stomach? Also, how long should I wait before attempting the stomach area again?

Thank the FDA for the misleading 'abdomen only' restriction. Many Dexcom user have superior results with other sites. Dexcom cannot advertise other sites because Dexcom did not go through the lengthy and expensive process of having other sites FDA-approved.

Thanks Helmut,

I figured as much but was very leary with the Minimed system. I had SO many problems with it (bad readings, etc), especially after a couple of years usage (I did replace it one time after barely getting past warranty, not impressed!!!!). I have gotten a little braver with the Omnipod as far as site placement as I can use arms and other places not workable with a tubed system. I think the only thing holding me up at this point is seeing if Insulet comes through with an integrated system like they mentioned a couple of years back with the Dexcom sensor. If only the FDA would start moving on their other submitted updates.....

I held back because the integrated system was just around the corner. Eventually I bit the bullet and got the Dexcom 7+. This was 3 years ago. The integrated system is still just around the corner. Don't wait. The Dexcom 7+ was a life changer for me. G4 is supposed to be much better. I expect that you will be more than pleased with the G4. Dexcom has a 30 day money-back warranty. Go for it.

I tend to wear mine about an inch or two below my belt on my butt. I put it there exclusively. I don't even notice it there.

Hi Jim - I used MM CGMS for 3+ years, and then Dexcom7 for last 1 1/2 years. I like Dexcom CGMS better, although there were a few features I missed at first, but with improved accuracy, and less false alarms, I didn't mind.

When I used MM CGMS, I used my stomach at first, but later used my thighs. Same with Dexcom. I started Dex on my stomach so that if I had problems and called Dexcom, they could not say the problem was due to location. Once I got used to it, I started using arms and thighs, and think it's more accurate there for me.
It will vary how long you need to wait regarding your stomach. Maybe try in 6 months or so, and see how it goes.

Note that you could keep using your MM CGMS, just don't use the insulin pump. Basically the pump can be a 'receiver' only, no tubing !. You might consider that if you want to wait until the Dexcom/omnipod integration is available, but that could be awhile.

I wear my dexcom sensors on the opposite side of my abdomen, the lower back above my belt, into the muscle area, and have found this is out of the way of putting on my pants, swim or biking and since it is in muscle'ish seems to stay put and i usually get about 16-8 days worth of good sensor stuff