Dexcom random reboots?

I’ve been using a 7+ system for quite a while and I have a problem which I’d like some feedback on:

When I keep the receiver in my pants pocket it reboots randomly (loud beep, vibrate, “initializing”). If I wear it on my belt it never reboots. It reboots more often if I’m wearing my dress pants which tend to have more nylon/rayon. It almost never reboots when I’m wearing jeans (cotton).

Dexcom has replaced the receiver 3 times and each one behaves the same way instantly.

Being an engineer I’m strongly suspecting static electricity. I had a lengthy email discussion with customer support at Dexcom who seemed genuinely interested but had never heard of this phenomenon and could not reproduce it.

There is evidence this is happening to other people:

Has this ever happened to you? Please provide details such as frequency of occurrence and any other observations about what circumstances tend to cause the behavior.

If it is happening to enough of us with regularity then we might actually be able to get Dex to fix the problem or at least allow us to set it for “silent reboot”. I’ve been outed at a number of meetings where I slyly slip the receiver from my pocket to check my bg only to hear the short beep and see “Initializing” on the screen and realize that in about 10 seconds it’s going to be REALLY loud. I’ve tried sitting on it to muffle the sound/vibe but I guess I don’t have enough fat back there to make much of a difference - plus it looks a little funny when they see me sitting on a vibrating, beeping device. :wink:


Mine has now reboot twice. Once it was while in my pants pocket, the other time it was sitting next to me on a wooden table. I called Dex the first time and they said to keep letting them know if it happened again. The second time was just yesterday and I didn’t actually see the initializing but it beeped and I took it out and couldn’t get it to turn on. I knew the batteries were getting low so I figured it was my error. Sure enough about 20 seconds later it started buzzing and beeping. By the time I finished what I was doing and removed it from my pocket it was working again. I can’t say for sure it was reinitializing but I think that’s what was happening. It could easily be static, I know static is a major factor with my Omnipod PDM. But they haven’t tried to tell me what it is. I do wish it could do it a little more quietly though!

I am a fairly new user (a couple of months) and the rebooting and sensor failures I experienced happened consistently when i used my laptop (macbook) resting very near the sensor. Dexcom also said they never heard of the problem and gladly replaced the failed sensors, but I reproduced the phenomenon a few times. I wonder if you use a laptop at work (dress pants) and not on leisure time (jeans).

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I’m a software engineer so I’m regularly around many many computers. There doesn’t seem to be any relationship between proximity to computer hardware.

My problems have never been with the sensors - only the receiver.

Yes. We have had this happen several times, although perhaps not as often as you. Once Caleb went down a slide, and another time he reached across the carpet while he was cleaning up - both instances where static could be an issue. Also the other night it happened when I tucked it under a pillow. You may be on to something. I will pay closer attention and report back.

It has happened to me quite alot. The techi I last talked to said that it has happened to her also when she would put it in a pant pocket. I used to keep it in my pocket also and that is when I would have issues. I bought a cell phone holder for my belt and that seems to work the best.