Dexcom reliability and Control IQ

I use ccsmed, and they sent the auto90s when there was mfg issues. But they then sent another auto90 3 month order when they could have sent XCs again. Due to comments here, i knew XCs were available again. Pissed off at supplier for not automatically switching me back. But fortunately Tandem swapped out the Auto90s and sent me XCs, and supplier is supposed to send XCs next shipment.


Yup, my supplier is CCS as well. They also had a confused computer after the short February month and, had I not checked up ahead of time, would have sent my Medicare covered Dexcom sensors and transmitter a week after my last sensor would have expired. This happened for the two months since February. I emailed them and they expedited my order so I did receive it barely in time. I think it’s a glitch in their system. Otherwise, their online-approval algorithm works just fine.

I used my 1st XC yesterday. That connector is great. Thanks Robyn :heart_eyes: