Dexcom schedules Clarity update for 1 April 2018

I know it’s bigger, but what are the issues with it for those with bad eyesight, Suzan?

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I’ve had erratic performance of the uploader. After multiple failed attempts to upload with my one-year old receiver, I tried uploading from a recently received new G4 receiver. It uploaded on the first try. I concluded that the problem was correlated with the age of the receiver until even that new receiver started to fail uploading dependably.

Then I thought to try the new USB adaptor cord and it fixed the problem. Until even that remedy started to fail, too.

This morning, I couldn’t get the uploader to work after many connect/disconnect attempts. I finally rebooted my computer and it worked first time.

Count yourself lucky that this problem does not affect you. I hope the April 1 update will cure this problem for me. I like to use Clarity every day.

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Well, I put it away and am using the old one, so hope I remember it correctly. With buttons to push, sort of could do some things by ‘braille’. For instance, at those times that it zapped at me a couple of times, I could reach in my pocket and just push the button to shut it up, and deal with it when more convenient. As I recall, with this new one, I would have to get it out, look at stuff and then find where to tap. How would a blind person use this new one? Touch screen means looking at where to tap.

Originally, I had planned to go with Medtronic on manual and continue with the original Dexcom. I didn’t want the Tandem touchscreen. My hands are often so cold that I cannot operate touch screen, have to wear a stylus on a chain around my neck all the time. However, when the new touch screen Dexcom arrived at my house, and I realized that even with Medtronic, I would be using a touchscreen (Dexcom), I decided to switch to Tandem because the TSlim touch screen is less obnoxious than the Dexcom touch screen.


It is always my suggestion when something doesn’t work - reboot.

Many people go days or weeks without rebooting (myself included) and the recommended practice is to turn it off for a bit every day.

what is the update supposed to include? What features or improvements?

Dexcom’s only published info on the update is written in the release notes copied into my original post. The updates will be to Clarity itself as well as its uploader program.

But then I discovered that even rebooting does not dependably enable the uploader to work. Intermittent problems are the hardest to troubleshoot.

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Yes. I have been having these issues with uploader for a couple years. I don’t have a high opinion of Dexcom programmers.

I’ve just gone back to using Dexcom again after six months in Medtronic land with the 670G. I’m not having any trouble with the uploader (Mac OS 10.12), but I’m getting nag notices about updating the smartphone apps (the Share app as well as the standard data app). I read some negative reviews that make me hesitant about updating them for now. Anybody know if there’s a new release scheduled for those?


You are using the G5 - right? Wouldn’t the Share app only be relevant for the G4?

I use an old Follow app v1.1.2 on an even older Samsung tablet. Although apparently this is still the version available for download. Dexcom Follow App (in google play store) last updated October 10, 2016.

We are a version back on the G5 Mobile App for iOS (US Version).

v1.7.6 - March 15, 2018. Most recent update. This might be what people have been waiting for.

• Performance enhancements and bug fixes
• Resolves issues that some customers experienced with custom keyboards and with interruption of music

v1.7.5 - February 14, 2018. I think this is the version we heard many complaints about. This is the version that has the additional features but seemed to be problematic.

• The Alert Schedule feature lets you schedule and customize a second set of alerts. For example, set the schedule to match your work hours. You can customize by turning glucose Alerts on or off, or set Alert sounds to Vibrate only.
• The Always Sound settings make it easier to choose if CGM Alerts sound when your device is silenced or on Do Not Disturb. For safety, turning off the Always Sound setting won’t silence Urgent Low Alarm, Transmitter Failure or Sensor Failure Alert.
• Alert status icons help you know whether regular or scheduled alerts are set to make sound or are set to silent.
• Performance enhancements and bug fixes

v1.7.3 - September 18, 2017. I believe this was released to support the iOS 11.x. This is the one we are still running. We locked down all the autoupdates so as to prevent this from getting upgraded. Based on numerous user complaints, we thought it better not to move past this one. But with the new March 15 release, perhaps it is time to upgrade? I might wait to hear from more people with regard to the newest release.

  • OS compatibility updates
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes

Note. Although we do not use the Android version of the G5 Mobile App, I did just check and the most recent Android release is:
version - March 15, 2018

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Stick with the version 1.7.3.

1.7.5 has the issues @Tim35 mentions. 1.7.6 was supposed to fix the keyboard and audio issues, but didn’t.

The other issue I have with 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 is they went to smaller fonts, so if you are visually impaired (or just old, like me) the menus are much harder to see.

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Works for G5. I actually “share” to myself, b/c I find the screen is easier to read when I’m biking (I keep it in a transparent iPhone holder with the app open).

I’ve offered to let my wife share my data too, but she has proved oddly resistant to the idea… :wink:

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Interesting. So what is the difference between the “Share” and “Follow” then?

Maybe just the name. I use an iPhone and it’s called “Share” on mine. I set the Share app to “follow” myself. The Dexcom app, proper, tends to flip into horizontal mode sometimes when I’m biking, showing the graph instead of my current number, and the Share app can’t do that, so I use it for that purpose.

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I down-loaded the updated Clarity uploader late last evening (March 31) before midnight. The program uploaded on its first attempt and every attempt thereafter. I appreciate Dexcom getting this done even if it took several months to accomplish. I use Clarity almost every day.

What’s the opposite of an April Fool’s joke?

To download the new uploader, from the main page click on the “Upload Instructions” link at the upper left of the page just above your name. Follow the 3-step instructions. It doesn’t take very long.