Dexcom sensor and inserter

These pics are of the dexcom sensor and inserter. There’s been so much discussion about the sizes of the medtronic vs dex sensor that I thought it might be helpful to post these.

The part of the sensor that is actually in your body is the dark part, the rest is in the inserter. I pulled the whole thing out.

I managed with brute force to open the plastic casing enough to pull out the inserter needle. It does NOT all go in, most of it stays in the inserter. It really is straight… brute force tends to skew things :wink:

It kind of looks like the size of the needles I used to use 28 years ago when first DX!

The pics are deceptive. The sensor is literally the size of 2 hairs.

Oh, I was talking about the length and thickness of the needle!

Most of that needle stays in the inserter. It’s actually not much bigger than the sensor.I need to take better pics with a better reference than a quarter I think LOL

Oh, I was not commenting back it going in or out of you. The size of it just reminds me of the old needles I had to use as a child.

Got it Brock, sorry I was so fuzzy!