Dexcom sensor issues with anticoagulation therapy

Any experience with sensor issues when using anticoagulant like warfarin or Plavix and aspirin? Especially with G5 or G6?

Are YOU have issues with Dexcom sensors that you think are related to those meds?

I have used plavix and a G5 in the past. No issues at all except a greater tendency to get a gusher. I hate gushers

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Seems like more bleeding around G6 sensors than G5: couldn’t find any contraindications from Dexcom or Tslim systems per manufacturers. Just curious about others experience.

Ditto. Thanks for input

I did have some bleeding when I inserted my second G6 sensor. I don’t remember that ever happening with the G5.

I’ve noticed my second sensor wasn’t as accurate the first couple days. I’m on day 3 now, and it seems to be getting better.