Dexcom sensor just delivered and it's only 5°

A dexcom G6 was delivered an hour or so ago by FedEx and it’s only five degrees outside. Will the cold temp compromise the sensor?

According to the Dexcom G6 User Guide:

Storage and Transport Conditions
Temperature: 36° F – 86° F
Store sensors in a cool, dry place

If it was in the FedEx truck then it probably was not at 5 degrees. On the other hand if they left it on your doorstep for most of the day it could be a different story.

You could always call Dexcom Technical Support and at least report it to be noted on your account.

And then if it was me, I would use the sensor and would not expect there to be any problems. If there were problems then call Dexcom Technical Support as normal and they would replace the sensor.

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