Dexcom sensor templater

Image is a template I made (thin cardboard) to apply Skin Tac to the appropriate area (avoid sensor insertion spot).

I use it by first cleaning skin with alcohol, let dry, use Magic Marker to make a couple of marks on my skin so that I can tell where to install the sensor after applying Skin Tac, hold the template aligned with marker marks, apply Skin Tac, remove template, give Skin Tac a few moments to dry a bit, and then install sensor using marker marks as a guide so that I don’t accidentally install the sensor thru skin that has Skin Tac on it.


Umm, no. My mama taught me to NOT show my drawers to strangers. :grin:


Yup, agree with Timbeak.

I may have to delete my photos, then.

I thought it was a good pic. Probably very helpful especially for somebody who might be wanting to know what is reasonable to have. It looks like a good selection.

I may not feel comfortable posting my pics but certainly appreciate somebody else who is comfortable doing so.


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