Dexcom Seven Plus Issues

Hi all,

I just received my Dexcom Seven Plus yesterday. I got started on it myself and it worked great all day yesterday and all night. This morning I took a shower and I assume I was out of range for a few minutes. Ever since then I have the ??? error. I read in the instruction manual to wait it out for 3 hours or so.

Is this a common error? Will waiting it out actually fix it? The sensor looks fine and I checked to make sure it was securely attached.

I have to admit I'm frustrated because I was so excited to finally have the CGMS and have it with me at work today, only now it's not working!!

Any tips or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


(30 years old, type 1 diabetic for 20 years, using a pump for 10 years, currently using an Omnipod for the past 3 years)

Hi Molly! Congratulations on the Dexcom! I LOVE my Dex. I’ve had the Dex for one month so far and it has seriously changed my whole outlook on diabetes.

One of the reasons for the ???s is if you took any aspirin, it’ll read that until the aspirin has gotten out of your system. A few days ago, it read ???s for about 4 hours because I took a few Tylenol for a headache.

If you were out of range, you would get a black symbol in the upper right hand box, not the ???s, so it has something more to do with the transmitter or something in your bloodstream. You might even be able to stop the sensor and then re-start it, to see if it still works.

Don’t stress! Even if you call Tech support, they will help you. there is always a nurse on call. And I’ve had them send me a few replacement sensors FREE of charge! They are really nice people and they are patient.

The Dex is going to change your life. Atleast I hope it does. It has helped me to understand my disease so much better. I’m not nearly as afraid as I was only one month ago.

It figures that after I posted this question, the ??? error went away and it’s working great!

I really think the Dexcom is going to change my life. I am constantly worried about going low while doing things with my kids, going to the grocery store, etc…and I’m always “sneaking” a test under the table at a restaurant, etc. I think this is really going to give me peace of mind!

I have had this happen many times. I wanted to point out that the official contraindication with Dexcom is with Tylenol…I have never heard of aspirin causing any issues. I take an aspirin every morning and my Dex reads accurately. If i take Tylenol, it doesn’t go into ???, but just has the double arrow up…and starts alarming! For some reason with Tylenol, the Dex thinks your blood sugar is much, much higher than it actually is!

I agree about calling tech support. They will replace any sensors that the ??? happens to for more than 3 hours. I just had to call yesterday for a ??? error. I had a sensor failure the day before! They are replacing both.