DexCom Seven Success

As our 5th DexCom Seven sensor enters its 12th day we are starting to hope that we are making progress up the very steep learning curve… Yes, we still grumble when the #@& thing does not do what we want. And yes,when there is a really steep rise or fall in BG Mr. Dex wanders off; but the alarm works great and we both are getting much more sleep.

We have learned not to expect great results the first day. Tech Support explained about the wound response interfering with the chemistry… The body’s immune system mounts a great defense against that foreign body that is lodged in the skin. All the white blood corpuscles and the inflamation perturbs the local scene. It causes temporary false signals.

A few times we have been convinced that Mr. Dex was remembering some bad data that came from radio frequency noise and so we told him a little fib. We told him that we had removed the old sensor and inserted a new one when we had not done so. Then after a wasted two hours we calibrated the “new” sensor and had great results.

During the 5 times she inserted new sensors, my wife says she has not felt any pain and we have not seen any blood. I read about MM users needing pain numbing gel and cleaning up bloody messes and I wonder if it is bad technique or faulty technology.

Now if we can get our insurance to do what is in their best interest and to invest in the technology that can save them big bucks in avoided complications. We all need to be pro active in this fight. CNN has a series on our broken health care system and we all need to post comments bemoaning the penny wise pound foolish attitude. Tell Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the problem we have and the opportunity being missed.

I wish you all well. Let us share our successes as well as challenges.

Bill in Bandon
not a PWD but helping my T1 wife