Dexcom Site Irritation

I did not find much current information about this topic. I have very sensitive skin and am having a lot of irritation at the infusion set sites and the Dexcom G5 insertion site. Skin Tac is irritating as well.

I have found barrier tape that has a donut hole and wonder if anyone is using them. Do they stick without a Skin Tac type product? Does the sensor tape stick to the barrier tape without coming off?

Also, can you recommend, from experience, the ones that work best for you?

Thanks so much.

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Hi Nan:

Welcome aboard. You may want to try OpSite Flexifit as it is not expensive (about $20 per box) and has worked very well for my sensitive skin and is not messy like Skin Tac. Some people have noted irritation from this product but I have very sensitive skin and works for me. 1 Roll will last you over 1 year.

When you get it, you have 2 options. Option 1 is to make what I call an OpSite sandwich. Cut an oval patch of OpSite just a little larger than the Dexcom patch that holds the sensor, about 3/8 inch larger all the way around. Apply patch directly to cleanly shaved and alcohol wiped skin surface. Apply Dexcom sensor centered on the OpSite patch. (Sensor wire will poke through OpSite). Make a DoNut Opsite same size as first Opsite patch to place over transmitter.

Option 2 is to prepare cleanly shaved skin area and apply Dexcom sensor. Make OpSite donut patch 3/8 inch larger than Dexcom patch and place over Dexcom sensor.

Link to Opsite:

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There is a barrier wipe from smith and nephew that is for sensitive skin. (Not the “Skin Prep”, but rather “No Sting Skin Prep”).

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Hi CJ114,

Thank you for that info. I will order as soon as I finish this message. Such an amazing group and I just happened on it.


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Several people mentioned solutions in this thread. @ElVer I believe is allergic to Skin Tac too. I was worried I would have an issue so I kept track of the thread. I didn’t thank goodness!


I don’t know where you are placing your Dexcom sites. If I use my abdomen, I get horrible itching and pain and the dreaded “Dexcom rash.” On the back of my upper arms I have no issues and wear my sensors for two weeks with no skin problems. Some people who have severe Dex allergies use hydrocolloid patches under their Dex. They used to be called Tough Pads but that product name was discontinued.

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@Nan Opsite Flexfix, skin tac and Smith &Nephew skin prep all use a rosin based adhesive. Me, I itch like crazy with rosin adhesives, and even some acrylic based adhesives. I use a gum mastic based adhesive called Mastisol. Incredibly sticky, and I don’t itch, even after 20 days. I use it as an underlayment for whatever I am trying to stick to my skin.

Hi @Marie20! You have a wicked.good memory! :slightly_smiling_face:


El Ver

Trial and error as always. I am moving from Medtronic to Tandem. Never a problem with the Medtronic tapes even with my sensitive skin.

I ordered Opsite yesterday. Will move down the list of recommendations until I find what works. Never thought to investigate what the adhesive base is.

You guys are a goldmine of knowledge and I thank you. Will let you know what works.

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This may be the first time I’ve heard someone suggest shaving the area of adhesive placement. Do you find the adhesive sticks better without the interference of hair? We’ve not had this problem, but Caleb is not particularly hairy. :slight_smile:

Hi Lorraine:

Yes, shaving makes a huge difference. If I don’t shave the area in advance, the Dexcom sensor does not remain attached to the skin, period. Even the most benign stubble will cause the sensor to not stick properly. The only issue is that you do not want to wipe area with alcohol directly after shaving because the sting due to mild skin irritation from shaving is not comfortable. The solution is to shave, shower and apply sensor after shower without using alcohol wipe or to shave, wait a few hours and then use alcohol wipe and apply sensor.

I make an OpSite Flexifit donut about 3/8" larger all the way around than the Dexcom patch to go over the sensor and transmitter and the area covered by that patch also needs to be free from hair, otherwise it will start to peel where there is hair after a few days.

Using this method I don’t have to deal with messy Skin Tac or other methods to keep the edge around the sensor patch/OpSite to start lifting.



I think this would apply to men and not we women. But if I had hair I would shave it for the pain factor.


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