Dexcom - South Africa

I was going to mention Dexcom One too! Definitely worth a look.

I also wonder if folks transitioning to G7 in other countries might have some extra G6 supplies…I am not yet transitioning but know that some folks are! Not a long term solution, but could still potentially help.

this is incredibly helpful! thank you soooooo much for all the details of the training!!! :grinning: I will definitely give this a try

ok thats great to hear the sensor lasted the full time, I have already added skin-tac and overpatches to my list when you mentioned them before, so its great to hear how well it works

so unfortunately I have limited choices for sensors, because my medical aid only covers certain ones and on the one side its a good thing - they only cover the latest devices, but on the bad side its too expensive and they won’t cover the full amount. So even when I do get a job again I will need something that I can afford every month and Dexcom is just way out of my budget, but you had a good idea though, thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:

are you talking about buying the previous model’s supplies from those who haven’t used it before moving on to the next model? Although it’s a good idea, I’m not sure i’m quite comfortable buying something as important as this from a complete stranger who isn’t a medical practice and yea as you say it could help in the beginning, but ultimately I want to make sure that whatever I choose is something I can afford to do long term, but thank you for the idea

so for anyone following this thread, just thought I’d give an update -
I had an appointment with my diabetes Dr (& I say diabetes Dr and not endo because she is actually a GP who just specializes in diabetes) and she was actually very impressed with all the info I had (which comes from everyone on this site that has shared! :slightly_smiling_face:)

and she wants me to go on the insulin pump and CGM - and to combat the medical insurance company (Discovery) not wanting to pay for these items, she is going to do a motivation letter - which is something medical insurance companies will allow here, so my Dr does a letter about my medical history and the issues that I’m having with lows and theres a whole bunch of medical reports as well and then Discovery will provide an answer in about a week, so fingers crossed & prayers please - that Discovery will say yes and provide full funding for both the insulin pump & CGM and then the biggest hurdle will be overcome and I can finally start this new journey :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:t2:

Thank you to everyone that has commented and shared such valuable info, I really do appreciate it !! :innocent:


That’s great news! Good luck!

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Hi. I also cannot afford a CGM, but thankfully here in Canada the provincial government started providing the Libre sensors for free. They are so much better than finger pricking. However, in warmer weather I find that they don’t stay on very well. Here’s a link to the patches that I buy from to keep them on. They work really well and usually stay stuck for the full 14 days. They are hard to put on by yourself but it sounds like you have someone there that could help.

hi there, someone else also spoke about the overpatch and skin-tac adhesive to help the sensors stay on, so will definitely make use of that.
I will have to be able to put the sensors on by myself… which I know from previous trial experience it is difficult, but I plan to just try other sites that are easier :slightly_smiling_face:

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What part did you find difficult? The libre applicator slaps the sensor down hard so its definitely not fun.

Glad to hear your doc is willing to do the work to justify a pump/cgm combo. If you were in the US I’d say expect to be denied twice for no good reason before they approve it. I hope Discovery is better.

well perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I had difficulty, cause I didn’t press down hard enough to insert it correctly. some of them just wouldn’t go in at all they just fell off right away, I’m not really sure where I went wrong but if and hopefully when I get to that point again, I’ll just go through more video tutorials each time I put a sensor on.

oh that’s interesting you can you do a motivation more than once for the same thing in the US? I didn’t even think of that as a possibility (even they say no) but yea hopefully I don’t have to go that route and it just gets approved :pray:t2:

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