Dexcom Submitted Different Diagnosis Code to Insurance Company

I’ve been wearing Dexcom for years, and a recent claim by my insurance company was denied. When I inquired, my insurance company said that Dexcom submitted a different code. I can’t understand why as this wasn’t even a new prescription. I just reordered sensors. Dexcom is now supposed to submit the correct code to CareCentrix, which then has to resubmit to my insurance company. I was told it may be a 30 day turn around. Has this happened to anyone else?

codes can be a pain when it comes to insurance. I’ve had, over the years, various items be denied, due to clerical errors at doctor’s offices. it happens. I’ll call the office, tell them of the problem, and they sort it out.

If the item is normally covered, it will get sorted out. Just give them time to fix their mistake, which is what is almost always the issue.

oh no. Thats a bummer.

Recently happened to me, too, when I changed from the G5 to the G6. I called my insurance company (Aetna) and they got it straightened out for me. I was also told it could take up to 30 days, but it got fixed in about a week.