DexCom Supplies using CareFirst - HealthyBlue Platinum Plan

To no avail, I've attempted to find out who is the authorized distributor of DexCom sensors for my new insurance CareFirst Healthy Blue Platinum plan from the Affordable Health Care Washington, DC site. I’ve called DexCom and CareFirst. DexCom didn’t know which is surprising. After about 2 hours on the phone with CareFirst, they referred me to a site with 150 durable medical suppliers – all of which sell different unique pieces of durable medical equipment and none of which I can readily tell distribute sensors. I’ve called a few of them and none of them sold DexCom sensors. Does anyone know who is a Dexcom preferred provider for DC CareFirst Healthy Blue Platinum? Thank you so much for the help!
On a side note, CareFirst doesn’t have a diabetic division, which is shocking considering about 10% of the population has diabetes. I’m super irritated they don’t know their specific preferred provider for such a critical piece of equipment. They also don’t seem to have a durable equipment team for this particular plan. Healthy Platinum is the most expensive insurance they offer; yet, they make it so difficult to get life-saving devices and this is unconscionable.
Again, if anyone knows who is a Dexcom preferred provider for DC's CareFirst Healthy Blue Platinum, please let me know.
Thank you for the help,
P.S. I’ve already tried Diabetic Specialty Center and they are not a preferred provider.

I've run into similar problems with my plan. The online tool for DME search requires address, but no selection on the 'type' of DME.
You might want to check if your pharmacy formulary includes Dexcom sensors, as sometimes the price can be much lower. My plan allows me to choose either pharmacy or DME.

For DME coverage, I've used Byram (mail order) and they can check if approved for your plan. I also know of Edge Park. I recall a discussion in the dexcom group where people mentioned where they were getting supplies.

I use liberty medical. Sometimes I find they seem to slip in where others do not.

Thank you so much MM & Rick. I'll check with Byram and Liberty Medical.

A little late to this party, but I’ll respond for the sake of anyone else coming across this post in the future. A while back CCS Medical ended their contract with my insurance provider and I found myself in a similar situation. Insurance provider gave me similar lists to call for in network DME providers who did not sell CGMs. In the end I called Dexcom and they helped me through Edge Park. The process took a week or two but in the end it got worked out. So far in my experience, when in doubt, call Dexcom.

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