Dexcom Tech Support says recent G5 transmitter failure alarm a "known issue"

My Dexcom app (iOS) warned me yesterday afternoon that my 6 week old transmitter had failed and that I should pair a new one. However, the app continued to report my blood glucose level, as did my receiver. The app home screen on my phone displayed “Pair New Transmitter” above the graph, so I couldn’t see the current reading displayed, but I could obtain the data as needed from the graph, and the reading was displayed on my Apple watch. I called Tech Support and was advised that this is a “known issue” with a recent app update and that it should be resolved with a subsequent update. In the meantime I was concerned that I would have problems when inserting a new sensor this morning, but I was able to enter the calibrations and the app continues to work as described above despite the continued “Pair New Transmitter” warning. I hope this will ease concerns others may have about the problem.

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You could always run xDrip+ in lieu of the less-accurate app, Dexcom. :slight_smile: Xdrip+ even talks your glucose numbers, should u choose to enable the feature. We use it a lot when “out and about” to alert us if bg’s are trending too far up or down. No need to look at a screen. Also, I can see my glucose numbers on my Gear 2 watch; no watch app needed.

Is that the Nightscout X app? I cannot locate anything called XDrip+ or similar at the app store.

no. it isn’t in the app store. you “sideload” the app from the .apk file (Android). If Apple, sorry, I can’t help

always get the one at the top of the page. that is the newest.