Dexcom Users - What enhancement would you like to see?

I am curious what enhancements Dexcom users would like to see to the current system. The one enhancement that I think is a must is a docking station that would not only charge the receiver but allow the alarm to would work much more like an alarm clock. The volume would be much louder and the alarm would not shut off without a user snoozing it or physically shutting it off.

While I love the Dexcom, I hate the alarm because it will not wake me up at night. The 3 or 4 beeps just doesn’t do it for me. I need something louder and something that beeps longer. If my alarm clock worked like the Dexcom alarm worked, I would never make it to work in the morning. Unfortunately I am not relying on it to wake me up for work, but to wake me up from a potentially deadly situation.

I’ll get off my soap box, what enhancements would you like to see?

Jim - I agree with you regarding the weak alarm that the Dex uses. You would think that, given the deadly harm that could occur with a missed night-time alert, the company would at least allow a user-selected volume to accommodate the heavy sleepers. Even if that means plugging in for extra juice required! I often don’t wake up when my alarm is ringing until my dog jumps up on my bed to let me know I’m low.

The only other improvements that come to mind would be an increase in accuracy and one-minute reports instead of the current five-minute ones.

A little off-topic, but some people are hoping that the Dex/Animas integration will eliminate the hand-held receiver. I don’t like that idea since the pump/receiver would be muffled under blankets at night. Maybe they could sell an optional bedside alarm-clock that would receive its signal wirelessly from the pump/receiver.

I still like the ability to pull my receiver out of my pocket to glance at my number and trend. I do this so often that having the receiver connected to my body by the insulin pump tubing would be a nuisance for me.

I sometimes wonder how much effort and money are put into user-studies. Maybe the engineers who design these things should have to wear them for a month or two!

The receiver should be integrated with the Omnipod pump. It would be nice to just carry one pump around instead of two. Or it would be nice if the receiver was like a watch, so u could just wear it on ur wrist.

Totally agree about the alarms. I’ve solved the problem of not waking up to the alarms by putting it on vibe/beep and sleeping with it under my pillow. A dock with a user-configurable volume/alarm time would be great. I’m hoping we’ll be able to keep the remote AND have the animas integration - choices are nice! Better accuracy is a given.

I’m wondering how animas will handle the software reports. Will there be a different colored line for the dex and for a FS, or…? Would like the ability to overlay the meter/dex lines on reports. Will there even BE a meter that communicates with it if the remote goes?

I have been told from the very beginning the remote will be gone for the VIBE. In that case you will have your own meter to input the blood sugar. This is my own conjecture but I think they will still offer the Ping for those who do not want CGMS.

The Dex receiver will still be available and it will be smaller. Dex has a significant amount of people on their system who use MDI so there is no way the receiver will be phased out.

Agree about the alarms. Even when I am awake I sometimes don’t hear it. One other thing no one has mentioned is I would like to have the ability to keep the screen “awake”. Pretty annoying when you are riding a bike or really any physical activitry and you have to keep waking the thing up to see what is going on. Also the Tylenol issue is pretty annoying although for me not a deal breaker.

I DO want integrated CGMS, but I want the dex receiver too! Cost may be a factor if I get the G4 dex with the vibe but have to buy a new receiver to go with it. I like to have my cake (or eggs) and eat it too :slight_smile:

I’d like the option for an audio beep with the vibe when the alerts trigger the first time.

… to use a cell phone as receiver.

… to set different hi/low targets for different times of day

and I’d like if they would marry the Fall and Low alerts into a predictive algorithm like MM and Nav.

I personally would like to have the sensor have onboard storage. Integrated circuits are becoming smaller and low cost for a large amount of memory. The sensor should be self powered and have the ability to store 24 hours worth of CGM. Then when it links to the dexcom the data would automatically be downloaded. This would keep you from having to carry around the dexcom and might even make integration with 3rd party systems more readily available

Zero start-up time when re-starting a sensor, like MM. Not sure how they accomplish this, but it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and the ability to store data so it’s not lost when you go to a meeting and forget your receiver. For example

Obviously I’d like to see it integrated with my pump, but I’d also like to see a smaller receiver. I don’t understand why the receiver is so big right now, maybe to make it easy to see/read for those with eye problems? At any rate, I’d personally like a smaller screen and a thinner, smaller receiver, kind of like the size of an iPod, a very small iPod. :slight_smile:


I agree with Pat, I would like to see the screen adjust to the actual data so that if you stay in a tighter range you can see the data in more detail. Adjustable volume is something else that would be nice.


Id like to see ajustable volume alarms, a better sealed higher resolution display (real greyscale and smaller dpi) better at recalibrating w
when off, farther wireless range andhigher accuracy

A smaller receiver and a louder alarm.


I hadn’t thought of that, but farther wireless range would be great!


Did forget something… the ability to merge two different dexcom reciever reports in the software… And about the sealed display… make the thing a bit water resistant and prevent the dust from getting into the screen from the buttons… Id love it to have downloadable alarms with different volume levels (sometimes i dont want to shut off the alarm i want it quieter, and at night, I want it LOUDER)… Technically they could up the power slightly on the transmitter since they actually decided on lower power than even their FCC waiver granted them…(Medtronic wanted to kick them to another frequency and force them to do frequency hopping, would have made the sensor roughly the size of the Nav )… Actually one of the other pacemaker companies stepped up to the plate (Biotronik) and actually supported Dexcom’s method of using the frequency and that Medtronic was full of it… I think it was a vain attempt at setting back dexcom and monopolizing the market… FCC actually considered it a stifiling of innovation in the medical device band and granted them the waiver, while sort of slapping Medtronic in the wrist

I’ve only used Dexcom for two weeks, but the things I’d definitely like to see are pump integration, the ability to turn the light off, and a small receiver if it’s not integrated with the pump. I would also like some history available from the receiver like when my last calibration was done or when I started the current sensor. Love the accuracy of Dexcom, but really miss the features and information from the pump integration with Medtronic.

Great idea! The alarm is very low pitched. I’d like to see a better carrying case and more attractive color. We should contact dexcom so the dexcom 8 will meet our needs.

I am another one with the alarms being fixed. Besides not being loud enough at night, I don’t like that it vibrates first – even with the Dex on me and in a Spibelt, I don’t feel the vibration most times and that wastes 10 minutes of being low until it beeps. Because the below 70 and below 55 are 2 different alarm sequences, it might be even longer if your BS is dropping fast. Once when I was testing the alarms and not acknowledging them, I discovered my BS dropped below 70 then went below 55 so I had 2 vibrates without a beep, then it went above 55 so I had yet another vibrate. I could have been going up and down that 55 line forever and never had a beep.

We fixed the problem of the alarms not being loud enough at night by purchasing an alarm clock that is made for deaf or hard of hearing people, thanks to someone here posting about it in response to my post about the issue. It is called the Sonic Alert and you purchase a transmitter to put next to your Dexcom receiver. The clock goes off with just the sound of the vibration and has many different sounds and can be turned up quite loud. We also purchased a bed shaker, but you really don’t need both. You can do a search here to see the thread that it was all discussed. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that she is not going to ignore the beeps now.

Thanks Mary…that is great! I’m going to go look for the alarm now. I woke up this morning at 300 after I spiked in the middle of the night without hearing the alarm.