Dexcom Users

For those of you that are currently using the Dexcom CGM how many times did you check your blood sugar before compared to now?

10-12 before probably 6-8 now depending on how well the sensor is working and what I am doing as far as exercise. But I have also recently gotten an omnipod system so I am still working out the details on that. I am hoping to get it down to no more than 6 a day.

I didn't change pre- and post-CGM. I try to almost always base treatment decisions (adding insulin or food) on fingerstick data. I test about 12x/day average.

About 25% fewer a day. Noticeable but not huge.

I would say more or less the same amount, but differently!

What really changed is the peace of mind of having someone else checking regularly your BG.

About 7-8 before, 4 now. I have alot of faith in my g4, it is very accurate for me. If a number is different than what i expect i will do an extra check, but often times my bg will match the g4.

Whenever I calibrate my CGM, I use two fingerstick readings and average them.

Before using CGM - approx 12 x per day
With MM Sof-sensors - approx 6 x per day
Since switching to Dexcom G4 - fewer than 4 x per day.

I know you are SUPPOSED only to use a meter reading for the EZcarb bolus but I often use the CGM reading.


I got the CGM in the middle of January (Dexcom G4). I tested about 10 times a day before and am checking about the same amount or maybe once or twice a day less. The reason is because if I see a result on the CGM, I want to confirm it before I take additional insulin (or take additional carbs--either way).
I may not be wearing it much longer because the adhesive is extremely irritating and I cannot seem to get the attention of the people at Dexcom who can do anything about it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


you might want to check out this discussion from the Dexcom Users group.
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and this one specifically on adhesives.
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There is also a product that forms a 'barrier' that can help, but I'm not personally familiar with it. Search amazon for IV Prep Barrier, as one example.

You may be experiencing an allergic reaction, and there have been several discussions on that, and I think the 'barrier' may help. But I don't have any issues with that, but if you post in the Dexcom group you'll likely get lots of help.

I test a bit less now. I used to test 8-10 times per day. Now, once I know that my Dex is well-calibrated and tracking well, I am probably at 6 times per day. Love my Dex! Don't know how I lived without it.

keep in mind when you enter a BG reading into the dexcom, it hedges anyway - we normally see the number show as half way between what it was and what we enter. So the dexcom is I guess presuming there is just as likely an error in the reading from your meter.

we only do 1 or 2 fewer on our son. About 6 total now. We're finding the dexcom really quite accurate compared to our accu-chek performa.

I was testing probably 10-12x a day to stay on top of corrections and keep tight control.

The G4 has been so accurate, and reliably so within the parameters I've found work for my body (i.e. not the first two days, then can tell when the sensor is done by calibration deviations) that I am very comfortable making treatment decisions based on the G4.

So, these days I test about 5x a day. Before each meal, when I get up, and before bed. In between, the G4 is very accurate for me.

Tegaderm film applied first, and then the sensor applied over that works quite well for some. Liquid barriers have been reported to affect the chemistry of the sensor by some people, so be careful with that approach.

I've noticed the G4 adhesive causing me mild, occasional itching lately. I've been using the G4 for 9 months. The problem isn't bad enough to be irritating, but I have a box of 4x3 tegaderm, so I'll give this a try on my next one and report back.

That'll be two weeks, though -- I just put a new one on this morning :-)