Dexcom Warrantee - 6.25 days = 7 days

Warning - This is a b–ch that maybe many don’t experience and maybe it’s my body that sensors don’t like.
With the previous sensor failure late in the afternoon, I started a new sensor at around 6PM. This new sensor started giving ??? on day 3 with periods of ??? lasting 1/2 to 2.5 hours for the rest of the week. When I said that today I had failures of 5 & 6 hours starting during sleep, I was told I was on day 7 and the sensor would not be replaced, but the sensor failed after less than 6.5 days of use. This policy just doesn’t make any sense to me and would be similar to having a 3 year bumper to bumper car warrantee that was no good after 2.2 years, if bought today.
This is the second time that IMO they did not honor their warrantee. Not too POed as on average for every box of sensors I receive I get at least 1 more d/t failure. 5 for price of 4 is not bad but health risk is bad.
Apparently, if I need to change a sensor I should wait until after midnight to start a new one.
Am I nitpicking??

I agree with Tim. You shouldn’t be getting ??? in the first few days (as you stated, day 3). Where are you placing them and do you go over a week with any sensors? How long have you had your system? I’d press them for a fix, such as PERHAPS a new xmitter. (I only say that because they suggested to me that a xmitter COULD be the issue, but rarely) I’ve had no issues with them regarding sensors. they even sent me a sensor that I didn’t ask for and I can’t remember the reason for my call. I can’t remember, because it made no sense at the time that they’d offer a free sensor. go figure. Anyway, try removing the xmitter, clean it, connect it back up to the sensor. The only time I get ??? is on/after day 9. I’ve not gone beyond 12 days with any sensor, so far, but I’m new at this. :slight_smile: started in Sept.

Been using Dex for 4 or 5 years always on belly due to slim body. Perhaps it is my re-batteried transmitter, but occasionally I do get 10+ days out of a sensor. Maximum I ever got was around 2.5 weeks. My transmitter reports OK battery and I get 30+ feet out of it thru walls including brick siding. Most of time problem is MANY hours after water exposure. Sometimes works fine for a couple days after a day of multiple ???. Often ??? when I’m outside of my target range mainly when high and despite reasonable Average readings I am often all over the place high and low.
I did have similar problems 3 or 4 years ago, which continued even after getting a replacement transmitter. Perhaps I should try the Receiver reset on my G4. Been a LONG time since I was told to do that, with no help, but then again my spare receiver gets same results.

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