Dexcom yet again answers in a few seconds

at the orders department. I called at 8:15 Pacific time. Just a few seconds after pressing Option 1 for Orders did I get someone on the line who answered my question in a few moments. How is it that I keep on having no long hold-times, time after time, over the course of many months, yet I hear horror stories about interminable hold times?? I’m nobody special, yet I have no issues getting thru to a live person at dexcom in seconds, or a few minutes.


Dexcom has published info:

Customer Sales Support
Mon~Fri: 6AM ~ 5PM PST
Sat: 8AM ~ 2PM PST

Dexcom CARE
Mon~Fri: 6AM ~ 7PM PST
Sat 6AM ~ 2:30 PM PST

Technical Support
24x7 - always open

So if you are getting through on non-published hours, there may be very low call volume.

Thanks for the info @Dave44 - Great to know !!! Looks like that is a great time to call.

I am going to try that time next order as our company call centers also are generally slower during that time frame and then pickup pretty heavy from 11:50 to 12:15 eastern time. Then will try a few other periods when our call centers are in overflow wait mode or our agents are begging for calls and see if there is a correlation.

I’ve called around 5PM and still gotten right thru.

Lately I have also been getting right through, sometimes to an agent in New Mexico and sometimes to an agent in the Philippines.

I haven’t had any hold time since they moved operations to Manila. My Calls are picked up immediately. Doesn’t matter when I call. I had problems with the quality of the interaction on two occasions but I hope that will improve as they gain more experience and receive more training.

The above is for customer service. I haven’t tried to contact tech support recently. I know that will be (or has been?) moved to Manila.