We are cash pay for dexcom, can't manage to find any discounts other than the bogus 200$ rebate which takes the controller from 1250 to 1050$ after rebate.

Are they promising a free upgrade when the next gen comes out in the us?

I hope so! Anyone heard anything about its US release? Anyone find any other deals out there? Other philanthropy that might help us offset the cost?

Our endo gave us some info about specific drug companies doing deals for cash pay on strips and insulin, but have not heard of any assistance for cgm yet??

Help!! Denied coverage for preexisting asthma, diabetes, celiac, etc!!

Two things I've learned with d tech:

1) Don't count on free upgrades. Even if it's a little change in our minds, to them it was years of development and FDA approvals

2) Don't count on a reasonable timeline to release the next version. Omnipod has been claiming a smaller pod coming out for about 4 years now. Animas already has a cgm/pump combo in Europe for a year but has no timeframe for the US. We just have to be patient