Dexcom's Latest talk to Investors

Here is the audio of Dexcom’s presentation to JP Morgan. About 21 minutes in there is a brief mention of the Animas & Insulet partnership. Nothing definitive about a joint product yet. Animas seems closer that Insulet.

Dexcom does talk about their Gen 4 and 5 product, including connections to other devices, ie phones.

  • Hank

I listened to this, too, and I always appreciate knowing (despite my impatience) that a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. Using a cell phone as receiver is a logical and sensible idea.

Does anyone have the link for the transcript of this? I do not have high speed internet, and can’t get audio downloads. Thanks.

Update: on 3rd of march there was DexCom, Inc. Fourth Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference Call (audio here).

I open a topic in dexcom group to discuss this.