Dexcoms & Sunscreen

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I recently wrote Dexcom with the following question:
“I swim frequently and I normally use a spray-on sunscreen as it is easy to apply. Do I need cover up the Dexcom sensor and transmitter when applying sunscreen? How far away from the sensor/transmitter should I keep sunscreen?”

Their response was:
“Thank you for your email. Dexcom did not do any testing regarding how far from the patch any lotions or sunscreens should be once the patch is adhered. Please talk to your pharmacist or HCP about this question.” And it was followed with their generic bit about if you have any further questions, please call the Patient Care Team, yadda yadda.

Now, here’s the thing. What good is asking my pharmacist or HCP about sunscreen use and the Dexcom going to do if Dexcom hasn’t actually done any testing to see if the sunscreen will mess up the transmitter and/or readings? I’m going to go ahead and assume that logically sunscreen will weaken the adhesive as there’s usually some sort of oil-like substance in a sunscreen, so that part’s a given.

Does anyone have any experience with spray-on lotions, or other things getting on the transmitter/sensor combo itself and causing problems? It’s waterproof/watertight, so I’m not sure if it will cause an issue to the mechanical device itself, or possibly get underneath it and cause issues with BG readings. How far away from your Dexcom do you keep sunscreen?

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omg that answer was one of the most unhelpful ones i have ever seen coming from a support team.
I only have experience with pump sets and i just applied the sunscreen right around the patch, sometimes even over it. i felt it was very important to reach every bit of exposed skin, as i already had gotten some annoying sunburns right around my set.
i would just go for it and try it out. if you feel like the adhesive doesnt stick as well as it used to before the sunscreen, i would clean the skin in the evening and put some tegaderm or similar over it.

My logic is telling me that is they don’t tell you not to do it, and you do it and have the sensor fall off, they should replace it. (But, I’m a little bitter at the moment after trying to get a new pump clip…)

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