DexG4 Events

Hi do any of you use the events on the dexcom g4? How does it help you?

The only "event" I use is the one to track exercise. I do this for a couple of reasons the first is to track what effect different types and intensities of exercise has on my blood sugar. If I go low every single time I play racquetball for instance I know I need to adjust the temporary basal a bit or eat a bit more before I play. The other reason is the annual "Big Blue Test" which is done here during the month of October-November. I log the exercise into an excel spreadsheet and by the time October rolls around I have 800+ Big Blue Tests to enter.
Since I use an omnipod the PDM keeps track of insulin and carbs so I don't enter those in as events it would be a duplication of effort.

That’s a good use.