i have it and i did it by myself and i love it i get the omin pump next week its the only way to travel thank roy

congrats Roy!

I agree that Dex is indispensable for travel, especially when crossing lots of time zones (inter-continental travel to Europe, Asia, Aus or NZ). Going Westward and “extending the day” seems easier for me than going East, losing hours and hours from the day. (But YMMV, of course.) On top of the daily rhythm mess-up, I often end up in situations where I must choose from strange, less unpredictable foods too…

The alarms have saved my butt! I still remember one time (before Dexcom was invented), I was flying into Stockholm directly from the Midwest and developed a pretty severe low while crawling through the luggage and customs maze… I’ve never cleared customs faster, not anywhere!

(I was taken through on a stretcher, very quickly, without even being asked for my passport. LOL.)