These are SO good!!
I’m loving them, and singing along. More, more more!!


Love the new logo on the home page!


I’ll be singing this all day . . .


Hey, Nel.

I’m running the Carlsbad 1/2 marathon on January 25.

So, Nel. What was your time? Huh?


hahaha thats a good one it sounds real.


Dr. Robert

If you’re diabetic, you should call Doctor Bernstein
Read his book any time at all, Doctor Bernstein
Doctor Bernstein, you’ve a new and better A1C,
He helps you to understand
He does everything he can, Doctor Bernstein
If you’re low he’ll pick you up, Doctor Bernstein
Take a drink from his special cup, Doctor Bernstein
Doctor Bernstein, he’s a man you must believe,
Helping everyone in need
No one can succeed like Doctor Robert


Diabetes is treating me bad, misery.
I’m the kind of guy who never used to cry,
But diabetes is treating me bad, misery.
I’ve gone low-carb for sure,
I can’t eat cake no more,
It’s gonna be a drag, misery.
I’ll remember all the things I used to eat,
I’ll remember and I’ll be the only one, lonely one,
Give insulin to me cos’ everyone can see without it I will be in misery.
Oo in misery. Oo in misery.

Chains, diabetes got me locked up in chains.
And they ain’t the kind that you can see,
Whoa oh, these chains of D. got a hold on me.
Please believe me when I tell you,
Candy is sweet.
I’d like to eat it,
But I can’t break away from all of these chains


I Love this!!!

I want to hold your hand–to prick your finger

Strawberry fields forever—bolus first



Looking back at the first page of these, we were doing a single line of the song, maybe a verse

Now all the DiaBeatles with talent are doing entire songs!


One last one:

“It’s Only Love”

I get high when I eat apple pie, my oh my.


So basically we’ve gone from the break-out hits to the concept albums? We’re in our Ravi Shankar phase already!


yea, luckily some folks have talent to make up for the one liners!!



Manny wanted to know what the best song for diabetes is,Well he needs to come and see all of our songs and pick one as our sites kinda MASCOT SONG!..lol


hmmm… mascot…

we’re gonna need a costume… and cheerleaders


we’ll get you some pom-pom’s, Scott.


oh my gosh,…
so many giggles readin this discussion.
very cool topic melissa! =)


pom-pom… do I get a skirt to? I got great legs… the rest ain’t that good… but my legs do go all the way up


now tassles that I have pom-poms


OH MY LORD,THE VISIONS,make em go away,make em go away!,LOL…you guys are a riot!




The Beatles- “Hello, Goodbye”

Dia-Beatles- " I’m Low, It’s High"

You say “yes” i say "no"
You say “stop!” i say "go,go,go!!"
Oh no
You say “My BG is High” and I say "its low, its low, its low"
I dont know why you say “its high” and I say "its low, its low, its low"
I dont know why you say “its high” and I say "its low"
I say “high” and you say "low"
You say “Why?” and I say " I dont know"
Oh no
You say “My BG is High” and I say "its low, its low, its low"
I dont know why you say “its high” and I say “its low, its low, its low”
(Low, High,Low, High,Low, High)