Diabetes 2: Its Offensive Its Immoral and Its Mine

How to eliminate my diabetes 2? I know how.
Just as I knew how to eat an elephant…one bite at a time.

We have to figure out a specific plan for ourselves. If not now then when?
We have a spirit that ought to be in charge of ourselves.
Not our brains; not our passions, not our emotions, not our bodies, our own spirit.

If we allow our spirit to control then everything works true according to
why you are here and the purpose you are to fulllfil.

When you say to yourself “ah ha that’s it!” Your spirit is rising above
your other levels and is taking over, as it should.

That’s one way to look at it. After battling it for nearly six years, now… I’ve chosen to view it differently. To me, it was a wake up call. One that requires a lot of patience, persistence, and positivity. Realizing that there are civilizations in existence today, who’s lifestyles closely mimic those of our ancestors (when type two diabetes was unheard of), where the incidence of type two is practically non existent, I began to explore why this is so. It took me a couple of years, but it finally dawned on me. These people live off the land and are physically very active in tending their gardens, hunting for food, etc. So I thought, if I eat a primarily natural foods based diet, get adequate daily exercise, and keep excess weight off, that I might be able to control my blood sugar and avoid the complications of diabetes. It worked. I quit taking Metformin in December of 2007. My blood sugar has been fine ever since.

Hogwash. If diabetes is immoral, self inflicted and ours to “cure” with different food and lifestyle choices, then someone please explain to me why three of my five senior cats have developed it by the time they reached their mid teens? Sure seems like an age and a genetic component. Yes, we can delay onset with a healthy diet and lifestyle, yes if we do develop it we can manage it with diet/exercise and meds, but I don’t buy that any one of us can “eliminate” the disease.

You seem to have been where I am going. I’ve reduced my metformin dose and
I think your’re correct that the diet and exercise along with patience and positive
thoughts can establish a strongeryou. Could you tell me what foods you eat for
breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner?

If you don’t buy that any one of us can “eliminate” the disease, then
your right. For only you. Ask Halle Berry how she eliminated it.

Never mind. I found your diet. Thanks.